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Benefits of Vedic Maths

Nurturing Intelligence
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Benefits of Vedic math:

It helps a person to solve mathematical problems 10-15 times faster.
It creates interest towards mathematics.
It will be beneficial throughout lifetime
It helps in Intelligent Guessing (Knowing the answer without actually solving the problem)
It is a magical tool to reduce scratch work and finger counting and improve Mental Calculation.
It increases concentration.
It improves confidence.
It reduces burden (Need to learn tables up to nine only).
The development of creativity at a young age is helpful towards understanding advanced concepts
It can be applied even for numbers beyond 10 digits
Saves time during Examination
It is easy to check all text book problems
While cross checking answers, it can be used as alternate method to travel and rectify mistake
Makes the students more comfortable to solve the sums event if they know tables up to 9 only.
Reduces finger counting & improves mental calculation.
Enhance logical thinking process.
Makes the student more confidantes, with knowledge and high self esteem.
Extends better and much improved academic performance in school and instant result.
Sharpens the mind increases mental ability and intelligence.
Provides completes system comprising all the benefits of mental Maths.
Cultivates an interest on Maths and eliminates the Maths-phobia.
Helps easy to understand, easy to apply and easy to remember.
Increasing speed and accuracy.
Saves time during examination.
Assures a zero error technique.
Amazing Speed Maths will be beneficial throughout lifetime.
Amazing Speed Maths is a zero error technique.