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Online DMIT Online DMIT
Online DMIT

Que: What you teach in DMIT training, could you explain topics covered in DMIT training program.?
Ans: Our DMIT Training Program covers following topics in details:

1.Introduction to Dermatoglyphic & multiple intelligence Test
2.Brain Structures and Lobe Functions
3.Fingerprints and Brain Lobes Correlations
4.Understanding Types of Fingerprints Patterns & Personality Types
5.Theory of Multiple intelligence (Howard Gardner M.I. Theory)
6.Understanding Advanced Fingerprints Analysis
7.Understanding Learning and Acquiring Styles, Personality types & Quotients (IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ)
8.Interpretation of DMIT Report and Counselling Guidelines

Que: How do we determine accuracy of DMIT Report? How to check report Accuracy. How to authenticate DMIT Report Accuracy?
Ans: DMIT Report Accuracy depends on Fingerprint Analyst and DMIT Software Technology. Brain mappers is an International Certified Company. All Our Fingerprint Analysts are certified and Qualified Professionals. Fingerprint Analysis is done both manually and through software. DMIT Report will be generated using Software. DMIT is scientifically proven technique. A questionnaire test can be conducted to tally theoretical results with practical results.

Que: Do You Provide Certificate after DMIT Training? Authorized DMIT Training Certificate in India.?
Ans: Yes, all the franchise and partners are given training certificate after successful completion of the training.

Que: After our payment, what are the things provided by you?
Ans: After your payment Conformation, we will deliver following material:

•You will receive DMIT Training online /offline as requested by you.
•Training material
•Publicity Material
•DMIT scanning Software Exe File with Admin Login ID & Password
•Business Model
•Client handling Techniques
•Target areas

Que: Do You Provide Marketing Support? If yes, what kind of marketing you support.
Ans: We at brain mappers understand marketing is the key role in any business. Your success depends on your marketing plan & strategy. As per our marketing experience, to be sucessful in any business, we need to have short term and long term marketing plan. After your franchise agreement. We will provide complete marketing training.
Our Marketing Training Includes.

•Business Model
•Client handling Techniques
•Publicity Material
•Target areas

Que: Whether to take DMIT Franchise or buy full DMIT Software. I am in Confusion. Please let me know how to get into DMIT Industry.?
Ans: If you are new to DMIT Industry. Then we recommend, start with DMIT Franchise. The reason why you need to take DMIT Franchise is, DMIT is a Knowledge driven Industry. Your growth is depending on your knowledge and expertise. If you work with DMIT Franchise, you will learn many things.  You will get good training support and industry updates. Once you become an expertise in DMIT, then you can think of buying software.
If you have previous experience of working in field of DMIT, then our advice is to buy DMIT software. Don’t go for low profile Company with less cost. Before taking any choice. Think of ROI (Return on Investment) and long run support.