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A good handwriting is a pleasure both to the student and to the examiner. Only with good alignment can good handwriting be obtained. There are certain rules which when followed will lead to a good handwriting. Handwriting is something which should be inculcated from the beginning. Just a bit of concentration and practice is required. Handwriting Improvement Program enables development of lifetime skills, which form a solid academic foundation for children. Our successful step by step guidance and motivational teaching method will effectively activate children’s latent mental power and develop them utmost in Analytical, skills, creativity Observation. Children become self- reliant & self-confident.

Mostly teachers parents insist students to write properly neatly, write big or small, write slowly beautifully etc. but nobody tells them how to write. We teach student "HOW" to write. We teach and concentrate on the right way of writing, sitting, holding pen or pencil creating and joining fonts.
This program helps to write fast and effectively. With practice one will improve his writing as well as increase the speed. We give special and constant attention to each alphabet while training, because each alphabet has its own strong and unique effect. There is no short cut for improvement of Handwriting, Practice and dedication is the only ways to get good handwriting. It is a simple, practice based curriculum. Here we teach how to create and join fonts how to write in flow.
Handwriting Improvement Program :
                                               Eligibility – Suitable and Ideal for kids between 6-15 years
                                                Duration –  2 days workshop followed by 3 months practice sessions
                                                Benefits: - Improves concentration and attention

                                                      - Develop good handwriting in kids.
      - Improves clear & legible writing, thereby increasing marks in exams.
      - Develops gross and fine motor skills
      - Increases patience
      - Enhances confidence
      - Improves image and personality
      - Clarity in thought and assimilation
      - Generates interest in neat writing even while writing speedily

A student's inability to record information in a consistent and legible form can slow down their progress. This can lead to frustration and possibly unfriendliness with a system as assessment is linked to the written exams. Handwriting difficulties can therefore weaken educational progress and interfere with learning.
Handwriting fluency can affect completing written assignments, ability to take notes during lectures and frequency of writing. A large amount of time in school is spent up in writing notes, assignment and copying from board. Lack of handwriting speed can lead to loss of motivation and evading of school work.
Bad handwriting can lead teachers to misunderstand what is written and prompt them to depart with low marks in examinations. Handwriting speed and style is a factor in student achievement, regardless of ability. The use of fixed-time examinations is used in schools and colleges. Students with slow writing speed will not be able to complete the exams even if they know all the answers.
Students achieving higher marks tend to write at a higher speed and better handwriting style than those who under achieved. The evidence from various studies suggested that handwriting quality and quantity are strongly associated with examination achievement.t and legible form can slow down their progress.

Importance of Handwriting to Students