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Online DMIT Online DMIT
Online DMIT

Training and Complimentary Support with DMIT Franchise/ DMIT Software

Training Duration : Confirm duration according to your package
Course Mode          : Online (through Google Meet, Teams, Webex, WhatsApp Video Call, Skype etc.) / Offline

Training Support

Training on installation of fingerprint scanning software

Training on how to analyze the fingerprints

Training on how to analyse reports.

Training on how to conduct counseling.

Sales pitch of the product

Objection Handling Training for DMIT

Training on Sales Closing Skills

Training on Reference Generation Skills

Tutorial Audio-Visuals on the following topics: -

How to install Fingerprint Scanning Software

How to install Scanner Driver

How to scan Fingerprints

How to Identify Fingerprints

How to analyses Fingerprints

How to generate Reports

How to identify Personality

How to conduct Counseling

Sales Pitch

Training through Audio-Visuals