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Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals' mental capabilities and behavioural style. Psychometric tests are designed to measure candidates' suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude (or cognitive abilities).
Psychometric Analysis Test :
                                                Eligibility –  10 to 99 years
                                                Duration –  15 minutes test followed by councelling session

· It helps to Evaluate the Multiple Intelligence of the child based on his Area of Interest.
· It helps to find out the best suitable stream for child based on your Area of interest. As

such it makes academic and career choices easier.

· Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test enables parents to understand their child better,

helping them to communicate in a more effective way.

· Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test helps parents to understand the capacities and

nature of the child, so that they can offer the child with the appropriate learning habit that suits with the child’s inclinations and capacities as per his or her Area of Interest.

· The test at the same time highlights the points of weakness of a child’s and can be highly

effective to help the parents in providing proper support for developing those weaker arenas.

· Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test offers a comprehensive report on Intelligence

Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Creative Quotient as well as Adversity Quotient of an individual, which can be highly helpful for development of the person in personal and professional life.

Types of Psychometric Tests

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