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Online DMIT Online DMIT
Online DMIT

Free of cost basic DMIT test  done for our colony children by Brain Mappers India is truly appreciable, keep it up !
Rajni Tyagi – Secretary Housing Society

Understood the true meaning of "You need to see it to believe it", got test done out of curiosity of my daughter and was amazed with results, every parent must get DMIT test done for their children for having a deep understanding about strengths and weaknesses of  their child. Thanks Brain Mappers India
Varun Mehta – Senior Manager IT

I was facing lot of difficulties related to my child studies, with DMIT report I was able to understand my child's best learning style and certain remedies to improve his IQ. Very satisfied with results and recommend every parent to utilize the benefits of this test.
Geetika Malick - Housewife

Was curious to know potential of my 11-year-old Daughter, and after getting DMIT report I am able to understand my daughter better and would invest on right career selected on the  basis of her in-born capabilities. Thanks Brain Mappers India.
Shyam Kumar– Bank Manager.

Never believed that DMIT test can be so useful for us to know our child better till I got it done for sake of curiosity, but once report came we were amazed. I personally think every parent should make their children undergo this test for enabling better parenting and stress free life for their children. Thank You Brain Mappers India team.
Charanjeet Singh  - Shop Owner

Test results were amazing and counselling session was very informative and helpful for us in understanding our child's potential. We are now very aware on how to utilize in-born potentials, his future career path of our child to ensure his bright future.
Rajeev  Dhall - Exporter

I got to know clearly and in detail as to how my son would shape up in future. I think this is a test that every parent should get done for their children. It helps in understanding the child better
Shamit Saxena - Business Owner

My Daughter Riya Kohli is 11 years old. She is very shy in nature and very quiet, reserved. She often leaves me confused about her actions or desires. I want the best for her but always end up with the feeling that I am not doing enough for her or he is not doing enough for herself. I got the DMIT test done for my Daughter. During the counselling, I got an insight of what my daughter really is - her strength lay in his existential intelligence, she learnt better through auditory inputs, she loved doing things for others and desired appreciation…Now when I am irritated at her seeming complacence or inactivity, Brain – Mappers counselors’ words echo in my mind…I don’t react and just let her be herself. I hope I have the capability to imbibe the suggestions made to me during the counseling and give a wholesome nurturing environment to my daughter in order to evolve the natural intelligence in her, thereby making her a happy and good human.
Priyanka Kohli - Project Manager

According to me DMIT is good for all students to take a life changing decisions in their career. As this test was suggested by my cousin, I am very thankful to him as now I am very confident that I can go and take admission in MBA in the stream as per my capabilities. This test not only gave me career path but gave me vital information about my Learning Style, Mode and Type along with the remedies for improvements wherever necessary. I am very much sure that this guidance will be very much useful in terms of my further growth. Thanks DMIT and to Brain Mappers as well.
Mohit Sharma - Student

I heard about DMIT test by Brain Mappers India from my friend. As I had some problems with my job, I did this DMIT test and followed the remedies suggested by the counsellor. I discovered many of my hidden talents from the report. I’m finding this test very useful. I will definitely share this DMIT concept with my family, relatives and friends. Thank you Brain Mappers for helping me in such a scientific way.
Vinay Khanna - Telecom Professional

This report is precise and accurate. It has a very Practical Approach and proves to be very good and helping. Excellent for my kid who is just 4 yrs old but can now start working with him on his strengths and weaknesses based on the tips provided. I would recommend the same to other parents for their children as well. 100% accuracy & will be very useful for your child. It is Good Scientific way to shape our Child's Future and Personality.
Reeta Chaudhary  - Business Women

“I feel DMIT report is very true and perfect. I learnt many things about how to handle my son in future. We are very satisfied with this report and we will try to change our attitude towards our son.”
Nishika Bhatnagar - Telecom Professional

We opted for this test because we saw our son not studying much, although his teachers say he is brilliant but does not want to apply himself to the studies. The DMIT report told us that our son would prefer learning by listening and discussion to 70 % as against reading which came out to a meager 26% of his learning style. This was an eye opener. Now, instead of pushing him to read and learn, we have found out different ways for him to talk, discuss, listen and learn. I am so happy with the results! Thank you Brain Mappers for bringing this technology to us!”
Mohini Tyagi - House wife

My son is a lively, vibrant and confident 6-year old. I decided to get her Dermatoglyphic MI test done by Brain Mappers purely on an experimental basis. I am a medical representative and am naturally a little critical of anything concerned with the human being that I am not aware about! I was even a little sceptical if a formal debrief was required to be taken, with the report. We were debriefed for almost 70 minutes …and during those 70 minutes on many occasions, I was like… “God! This is exactly how my son behaves”. I can say with conviction that the report described my son with at least 90 percent accuracy, if not more. I got to know the possible underlying reasons for his behavior, what to expect, what to be tolerant about and most of all, what kind of motivation to give him …in order to make him natural-self flourish…. Who or what the future will shape him into, only time can tell…but I do have a road map laid out for myself now…thanks to the Brain Mappers.
Gaurav Kapoor- Medical Representative